About SideOneDummy

SideOneDummy has worked to amplify the voices of its artists since it was founded in 1995 by Bill Armstrong and Joe Sib. After creating their own alternative music labels independently, the two roommates realized how perfectly their ambitions aligned and combined Armstrong's Dummy Recordings with Sib's SideOne Records. Despite no prior label experience, the duo dove head first into SideOneDummy Records with the goal of helping artists develop their stories through music. 
SideOneDummy Records has been the launching pad for world renowned alternative acts Flogging Molly, The Gaslight Anthem, and Gogol Bordello, as well as more recent acts Nahko and Medicine for the People, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock and Tolliver. With 5 RIAA Certified Gold Awards on display in their office and success documented by Rolling StoneBillboardFADERKerrang!, and national newspapers, SideOneDummy Records has solidified themselves as one of the strongest names in the world of independent labels.
Bill and Joe attribute their decades long success to their mentality of constant forward movement. From the very beginning, SideOneDummy Records has been a label always anticipating what is next in the world of music. Creating a label with the proper tools and determined people to propel the voices of artists that have a real story to tell has been the mission since ’95.