Cliffdiver "IKEA Strikes Back" T-Shirt

Cliffdiver "IKEA Strikes Back" T-Shirt

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Tulsa, OK's CLIFFDIVER is proud to announce their debut LP Exercise Your Demons, out May 6, 2022 on SideOneDummy!

"IKEA Strikes Back" T-Shirt Available in sizes S-2XL. Proceeds from this shirt will go to the 12&12 Addiction Recovery Center in the band's hometown of Tulsa, OK. A bit about the organization, taken from their website:

12&12 is Oklahoma’s most comprehensive addiction recovery center, focused on saving lives. We offer adults suffering from the brain disease of addiction or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders the tools necessary to help achieve individualized recoveries.

It’s not often pretty or glamorous, but our path to recovery is real. We know the excuses and challenges. We also know the triumphs, and what it means to gain control over addiction. And while we can’t do the work for our clients, we’ll move heaven and earth to do the work with them.

Exercise Your Demons Tracklist:
1. New Vegas Bomb (feat. Skatune Network)
2. Who Let the Hawgz Out?
3. Frankie Muniz Don't Smoke No Mids
4. We Saw the Same Sunset
5. Death is a Wedding (With Eternity)
6. Super Saiyan Al Pacino
7. Dick Van Yikes
8. I Left My Heart at Lemon Lake
9. IKEA Strikes Back